14th May 2018

[Release 3.40] The changes in this release were related to GDPR, focusing on gathering consent and data retention:


  • New customisable opt in / out fields for fine grained client consent
  • New bulk email templates for requesting consent
  • New public facing page for end users to update their own preferences
  • New individual email templates for following up with clients after initial registration
  • New filters on the index pages to help find clients based on their consent to provide fine grained control

Data Retention

  • When you delete contacts we now permanently remove their details.  As a result any deletions cannot be undone.  Over the next few weeks we will also be running scripts to fully delete any data you may have deleted prior to this update, traces of which are still on the system.
  • New data retention settings to allow you to define how long you would like to keep contacts on the system for
  • New (manager only) bulk delete options on the contact index pages
  • New filters on the index pages to help find clients to bulk delete should you require finer grained control

The following help article explains how to set up your system for GDPR and how to use these new tools:

Configure Your System to Collect Consent Post GDPR

Data Retention

How do I identify applicants who are currently receiving automated new property alerts?

How do I identify contacts who have not updated their consent?

How do I identify contacts who have opted out? 

As previously mentioned, if you have purchased a website from us then we will be adding a Privacy Policy to it (which will include a Cookie Policy) and we will inform you once done.



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