How do I identify contacts who have opted out?

You can easily use the filters on the contact index pages to identify clients who have updated their consent and opted out of all marketing.

1.  Navigate to the relevant index page, eg Sales > Buyers

2. Click on the 'Marketing Consent' dropdown in the Contact Preferences section in the search filter on the right hand side:

3. To find those who have updated their consent settings and opted out, click on 'Consent set?'  Yes, and select 'No' for all the other options:

4.  Click the 'Search' button to refresh the results.

You can then select all and either set inactive or delete via the bulk actions at the top of the list.  Bulk deleting contacts will always take your data retention policies into account (you can learn more about this here).

You will also receive a notification email whenever a contact updates their consent online with a summary of their updates along with a link to their dashboard page on the system.

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