How do I identify contacts who have not updated their consent?

If you have sent out bulk emails to regain consent pre GDPR, you can use the filters on the contact index pages to identify who has or has not updated their contact preferences.  You can use this to either send a reminder before the 25th May deadline, or to bulk delete contacts after the deadline.

1.  Navigate to the relevant index page, eg Sales > Buyers

2. Click on the 'Marketing Consent' dropdown in the Contact Preferences section in the search filter on the right hand side:

3. To find those who have not updated their consent settings yet, click on 'Consent set?' No:

4.  Click the 'Search' button to refresh the results.


You can then select all and either resend the bulk email (as per instructions here), set inactive or delete via the other bulk actions at the top of the list. 


Please note, as part of the GDPR changes anyone who previously was subscribed to receive property alerts via email or SMS would have automatically been updated to receive 'Property details via email' or 'Property details via SMS'.  You can identify these contacts by running a similar search to the one above, only this time selecting 'Property Details via email?' Yes and 'Consent set?' No:

If after 25th May you would like to unsubscribe all of these contacts who have not subsequently updated their consent themselves please let us know via and we can process this in bulk for you.


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