17th June 2019

[Release 3.51] The changes included in this release were:

  • Added a new “BACS Payments” page under the Home -> Finance menu.  This allows a bulk payments file to be generated for outbound payments (e.g. payments to landlords), which you can then use at your bank to make the payments in batch, rather than one at a time.  Currently, the formats supported are the Lloyds Commercial Banking Online (CBO) Faster Payments CSV format and our own generic CSV format (which could be used as a basis for conversion into other formats).  We will be adding to the set of supported formats over time, so please let us know if you would like your bank’s format adding to the list.  The following Help article has more details: https://helpcentre.10ninety.co.uk/hc/en-gb/articles/213872425-Finance-Functions.
  • Added support for OnTheMarket.com exclusivity – we now provide the option (disabled by default) to list properties exclusively at OnTheMarket.com for a configurable number of hours/days, before listing them at any other portals.
  • Added an option to not send the actual EPC report to portals (and instead just send the EPC graph)
  • Added new eSigning signature block tags that can be added directly via the templates section
  • Rolled out new Section 21 (Form 6a), valid from June 1st 2019
  • New holding deposit tags (for when the holding deposit was received and the deadline date)
  • Add checkout date-time info onto Key Log for checked out keys
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