The system comes with a comprehensive suite of letter, email, SMS and document templates, and a full audit trail of any correspondence sent out from the system.


The system's master documentation templates can be found under the top-level “Templates” menu.

These master templates can be edited, and new templates can be created. It is also possible to edit the templates for a particular property or contact, so that the changes made only apply to that property/contact (all other properties/contacts will continue using the master template).

When editing a template, it is possible to insert dynamic tags, relevant to the context of the template, which allow data in the system to be swapped in when the letter is generated. For example, a tag for the property’s address can be inserted into an instruction of sale letter template, so that when the letter is created for a particular property, that property’s address will be included.

For more details on how to edit the templates, click here.

Creating letters and sending emails

Letters and emails can be sent from any of the main areas in the system:

  • Contacts (landlords, vendors, tenants and buyers)
  • Properties
  • Lettings

Click on the “Letters & Emails” side menu item, where a list of the available templates will be displayed. Most templates are available as both a letter and an email – select which you want to send by clicking “Letter” or “Email” against the template name:

You will be taken to a confirmation page that previews the content of the letter or email:

  • For Letters: press “Create” to create the letter as a PDF, which can then be printed off and marked as sent
  • For Emails: press “Send” to send the email

Marking a letter as sent

To mark a letter as sent (posted), you need to click through to the letter in question from the "Letters & Emails" list, and then click on the "History" link at the top (below the "Create" button) - that shows a history of all versions of that letter that have been generated:

Click the "Mark As Sent" button against the version that has been posted out:

Only once a letter has been marked as sent will it appear in the correspondence history.


If you have generated a version of a letter/document/email and made some changes to the content prior to generating/sending, you can go back in and re-edit it - click to generate/send as normal, and then click the "Use Previous Version" link next to the content editor:

This switches to using your previous content, rather than the content generated off the template.  You can switch between both versions by clicking the "Revert to Template" link.

Correspondence history

The system keeps track of all correspondence sent from it - emails, SMS messages and letters.  To view the correspondence history for a given contact, property or letting, click on the "Letters & Emails" side-menu link.  The most recent correspondence is shown, together with a "View All" link to show the full history:


There is also a Correspondence widget on the dashboard page for each contact/property/letting, showing recent communications.

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