Enhancing your property listings with room details, features and restrictions

Room Details

For properties where you want to go beyond the summary or full description and add room by room details you can add these via the Rooms link in the Property Menu on the right. If no rooms have been added yet then a form to add a room will be displayed - if there are existing rooms then just click on the Add link to display this form.

You can then select the type of room from the dropdown (contact us at support@10ninety.co.uk if you need additional room types to be added), enter a description of the room and also enter the dimensions of the room. The dimensions can be entered in any valid format, such as 6' 6" or 2.2m - the portals then generally display these in a metric decimal format and also display the imperial measurement alongside.

Once you have started adding rooms, if you need to re-order them then you can do this via the Change Order link at the bottom of the list of rooms. Drag the rooms into the desired order and then press on Save to save the changes.

Features & Restrictions

The portals allow you to add up to 12 features to highlight certain aspects of the property and you can add these via the Features & Restrictions page of the property. The system comes with a standard set of features but you can add your own by typing into the field above left of the list and clicking on the Plus icon. This will add the new feature to the right side of the box below. Then simply drag the appropriate features form the right side to the left and press on the Save button.

You can do the same with restrictions for the property.

How to then update the property's details on the portals

If you are advertising with portals (Rightmove, Zoopla etc) and the property is on the market then you will want to update the property's details on your portal listings once you have made these changes. For more information on how to do this, click here.

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