Updating your portal listings

The system runs the Portal Export data feeds automatically overnight, synchronising your live listings with all of your subscribed portals. However, if you make changes during the day then you may want to run the export manually to update your listings sooner.

How to run the portal export manually

To do this, simply click on the Marketing tab at the top of the system which will take you to the Portal Exports page. Here you can select which individual portals to export to or just select all in the list. Then press the Select button.

The next screen will display a confirmation of which portals have been selected and also which properties will be sent in the feeds. You can expand these links to see the list of properties.

Once you are are happy with the selection just press the Run button to start the export. This may take several minutes to run through, depending on how many properties and images are being sent, so let the export run and await the result.

If you export to Rightmove then once the export has completed it may display some warnings if there were issues with certain properties in the export, for example if a property had an incorrect postcode and Rightmove could not list it. If this is the case then you can attempt to correct the issues with the property's details and run the export again. If the export completes with errors then please take a screen shot of these and email them to support@10ninety.co.uk and we will take a look.

How to upload a single property to Rightmove

The Rightmove feed uses their new real-time interface, which allows you to upload a single property listing onto Rightmove within seconds.  If you would like to add/update a single property listing on Rightmove, click on the "Marketing Alerts" side-menu option for the property in question, and click the "Export/Update on Rightmove" button to add/update the listing. 

How long it takes for the portals to update your listings

Rightmove's data feed is now real-time so it will pick up the changes and update your listings almost instantly, although we have witnessed new properties taking several minutes to appear fully on their site and within search results. Onthemarket.com will also update your listings fairly quickly, usually within 30 minutes, will Zoopla processes data every couple of hours or so. Other portals may take longer, with some, such as Gumtree only processing data once overnight.


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