How to add a sales property

Before you can add a sales property into the system, you need to register the vendor (see here).  Having done that:

  1. Click on the "Sales" top menu tab
  2. Click the "Add" button and search for the vendor of the property (matches will automatically appear as you start typing) - click "Select" against the correct vendor.  You will be taken to the "Add Property" form.
  3. Enter details for the property - mandatory fields are marked *.
  4. Click "Add" to Save down the new property.
  5. Click on the side-menu options to add further marketing details for the property.

Property Form Fields

Most of the fields in the property form are self-explanatory, but some additional notes are provided below:

"Reference" - by default, this is auto-generated.  If you would like the default prefix to be changed, or would like to have the option to set your own property references, please contact 10ninety support.

"Type" - this is the set of most common property types.  If you require additional types in the list, please contact 10ninety support.

"Display address" - this is the address that will appear on marketing materials.  Typically it is the address without the house number.

"Searchable areas" - geographic areas can be set-up in the system under "Admin" -> System Data" -> "Areas".  These are primarily used in property searches - applicants can state in which areas they are looking, and properties can be defined as being within one or more areas.

"EPC ratings" - the system will generate an EPC graph for the property if they ratings are provided.

"Current Occupant" - if the current occupant is not the vendor, details can be provided in this field.  This allows viewing notification emails to be directed to the most appropriate recipient.

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