How to register a vendor

You need to have registered a property's vendor in the system before you can add the property to the system.  Here are the steps for adding a vendor:

  1. Click on the “Sales” top menu tab
  2. Click on the “Vendors” sub-menu
  3. Click on the “Add” link to take you to the form to register a new vendor
  4. Enter the details for the vendor and press the “Add” button.  At least one of email address or phone number is required.

Note: a shortcut to the Vendor registration form exists on the Dashboard page. Clicking on the “Add Contact” link at the top of the dashboard, and selecting Residential/Commercial Vendor will take you directly to Step 4.

Vendor Form Fields

Most of the fields in the vendor form are self-explanatory, but some additional notes are provided below:

"Additional contact" - if the vendor has a second set of contact details (for example, for a spouse or partner), enter them in this section.

"Company name" - if the vendor is in fact a company, enter the name of that company in this field.

"Email" - if you have multiple email addresses for this vendor, you can enter them in the single email field, separated by a semi-colon (;).

"State" - by default, all new vendors will be registered as being "Active".  To archive them, without actually deleting them from the system, set the state to "Inactive".  You will still be able to access the record, but the vendor will not appear in the vendor list by default.

"Lead Staff" - the member of staff responsible for the agency's relationship with this client.

"Branches" - for multi-branch agencies, you can register the vendor at multiple branches by ticking the branches in this field.

"Property Categories" - tick whether the vendor's properties are residential, commercial or both. 

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