Creating letters and sending emails

Letters and emails can be sent to contacts from any of the main areas in the system:

  • Vendors
  • Buyers
  • Landlords
  • Tenants
  • Properties
  • Lettings

Click on the “Letters & Emails” side menu item, where a list of the available templates will be displayed.

Most templates are available as both a letter and an email – select which you want to send by clicking “Letter” or “Email” against the template name.

You will be taken to a confirmation page that previews the content of the letter or email.  You can amend the wording as required.  Once you are happy with the content:

  • For Letters: press “Create” to create the letter as a PDF, which can then be printed off and marked as sent
  • For Emails: press “Send” to send the email

Note - once you created a letter or sent an email, if you want to create it again, you will see a "Use Previous Version" link on the preview page, that allows you to use the content from the last version you created instead of the content based on the master template of the letter/email.

More information

For more details on the documentation in the system, click here.

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