13th May 2019

[Release 3.49] The changes included in this release were:

  • Added the ability to send a maintenance job to the supplier/contractor by SMS
  • Added “Landlord Fees Overdue” alert, to identify landlord fees that are outstanding
  • Added viewing cancellation email and SMS templates – to the applicant, vendor/landlord and occupant(s)
  • Added the ability to add attachments to emails sent from diary
  • Added option to include all tenants on maintenance job sheets
  • Added Office Notes field into Inspections Due alert print / export
  • Added staff owner field to maintenance jobs, to identify the member of staff responsible for the job
  • Added "Custom Email Subject" to master email templates so have an option to use a different subject line to the template name – you can set these via the “Edit Details” link on an email template.  This includes the ability to output the property address in the email subject line.
  • New option to select which set of alerts get displayed by default on dashboard page
  • Added contact (landlord/vendor/tenant/buyer) groupings – so can have custom grouping for contacts, and filter by these on the list pages.
  • Added ability to notify the supplier of an inspection by email
  • Updated email printouts to include a list of attachments if applicable
  • Added the ability to upload documents against suppliers and solicitors
  • Added NI number and UTR code to Landlords
  • Updated expense description to 400 chars
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn’t edit an offer if the buyer/tenant was no longer looking
  • Email deposit return - added option to CC all tenants
  • The applicant of a viewing should be included in "Add Offer" dropdown, regardless of their status
  • Added option (enabled by default) to display supplier notes on list page
  • Added custom subject line for emailing out landlord-level statements – this can be set on the landlord details page
  • Added Dashboard Note facility onto lettings
  • Added new reports: Fees Report (showing all fees due in date range, including those outstanding); Expense Analysis (showing all expense transactions in date range); Rent Demands (showing all rent due in date range, and what outstanding); Deposits Analysis (showing all deposit transactions in date range)
  • Added support for square brochures
  • Update document upload pages to support multi-doc uploads
  • In sales chain, default the property address for the current property's buyer's chain entry to that on their buyer details page.  
  • Add option to order room types alphabetically
  • Add doc tags for property keys and security codes
  • Should be able to quick search by contact name when contact is a company
  • Added an option to display the total deductions in landlord statements
  • Added a completed date-time filter on the maintenance jobs report
  • Added a Print button onto Terminating Tenancies alert
  • Added option (enabled by default) to allow property/contact search when adding tasks to cover all branches that the staff member has access to, not just their home branch
  • Include property address field in task list filters
  • Added an option (enabled by default) to show office notes field on inspections alert
  • Added an option (enabled by default) to show office notes in the maintenance alert
  • Added Print/Export buttons on Rent Due/Overdue alerts
  • Add two-monthly rent payment frequency
  • Add fees onto sales in progress alert print/export
  • Notify tenant of maintenance job - should be able to email tenants active on job date, even if they are not currently active at the property
  • Added vendor source onto completed sales report
  • Added new Received from options for tenant receipts
  • Added "Per Quarter" to list of service charge payment frequencies for leasehold sales props
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