15th March 2021

[Release 3.65] The changes included in this release were: 

  • Tenant receipts import from bank statement/CSV: on the Home -> Finance page, you can now import tenant receipts from a bank statement/CSV file (i.e. download of recent transactions), to save having to manually enter them.  Having uploaded the statement, you will have the opportunity to review the suggested matches prior to confirming and importing the receipts.  Once imported, you can then bulk email the receipt confirmations to the tenants.  Further details of this new process can be found on our Help Centre here.
  • Added new email templates onto maintenance jobs – request a quote from the selected supplier, a general supplier email, and an email to notify the assigned member of staff
  • Added follow-up date to maintenance items
  • Added accountant CC option for landlord statement emails – you can store the accountant’s email on the landlord details page and then tick to CC when emailing out statements
  • Added option to filter unpaid supplier invoices by client expenses paid - on supplier's "bulk pay" page
  • Add multi-branch support for suppliers, so they can be used across all branches in multi-branch systems
  • Added support for uploading multiple property photos in one go from iPhones, iPads
  • Emailing out viewing feedback should change view status to feedback passed on
  • Property management expiry alerts (gas, EPC etc) should not include properties that are "Under Valuation"
  • Added document tag for original tenancy start date on renewals
  • Add option for Rent Schedule document tag to only show rent schedule for the selected tenant
  • Add Next of Kin details to Tenant Numbered Details document tag
  • Added links to undo the lodging and return of deposits
  • Output all tenant phone numbers in exports from the property management expiry alerts (gas, EPC etc)
  • Display all joint landlords on property and letting dashboard pages
  • Add "Supplier Instructed" tick-box to email job sheet pop-up on maintenance page so can allow users to untick, rather than just automatically ticking it when send job sheet.
  • Improved performance of correspondence records for bulk emails
  • Added property ref into Inspections due export
  • Added option to flip room dimensions to l x w rather than w x l
  • Export Home reports and link to property on website to realtime portals
  • Add option to display paid into bank account on tenant statement
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