18th January 2021

[Release 3.64] The changes included in this release were: 

  • Added support for joint landlords/vendors on properties - including joint landlord statements (splitting payments) and joint eSigning of contracts.
  • Ability to provide Float Account statements
  • Added an option to exclude cancelled appointments/viewings from diary, and if included, they will be highlighted more clearly as cancelled (with a strike-through line)
  • Added Next/Previous click-through buttons onto the contact list pages
  • Add option to tenant receipt day lag parameter to go back n working days or n calendar days
  • Add option to default "Pass tenant payment to landlord" on tenant expenses
  • Add property lead staff dropdown to Rent Overdue alert
  • Copy property should also copy Property Dashboard note
  • Add Supplier Instructed / Landlord Approved filters to Maintenance Outstanding Alert
  • Add payment reference field for deposit lodging transaction
  • Add option to include property URL in the HomeSearch portal feed
  • Added support for automated reminders on eSigning contracts
  • Added Boomin to portals list
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