5th October 2020

[Release 3.63] The changes included in this release were: 

  • Rolled out new Form3 (Section 8) and 6a (Section 21) legal notice forms
  • Exclude inactive tenants from the AST signatures block
  • When using the previous inventory at an HMO, try to use latest inventory for same room name first
  • Problem saving down printed reports on Chrome
  • Update landlord statement tag to include an option to show arrears across lettings on landlord and letting level statements
  • Expose the "Apply VAT" flag on the property expense section on the supplier invoice page - so can use different flag on expense to invoice
  • Add new sales tag, to output expected sale commission based on asking price
  • Display full text on hover over to My tasks widget
  • Include note in Rent Overdue excel export
  • Auto-rotate images on upload to the inventory, inspections
  • Add date offset option when adding tenant receipts – so for example, can default the receipt date to yesterday
  • Added landlord filter to Supplier invoice markup not drawn down alert
  • Add all tenant phone numbers fields onto Lettings -> Tenant Export
  • Add "Job date" column to maintenance jobs alert export
  • Added new documentation tag for sale price in words
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