19th November 2018

[Release 3.43] The changes included in this release were:

  • New add-on: Maintenance reporting form for websites (please find a demo form here).  This form allows tenants to report maintenance issues at their property using a simple, mobile-friendly icon-based form.  They can also upload photos of the issue via the form.  The maintenance issue will then automatically be saved into your 10ninety admin system and appear on a new alert, from which a maintenance job can be raised for sending on to a supplier. The tenant will be notified via email that you have received the issue, and you will receive an email notification too.  You don’t need to have a website provided by ourselves to benefit from this form – it can be added to any site.  This new add-on is available for £15+VAT per month – please contact us if you are interested in adding this to your monthly subscription.
  • Sales chains: we have added the ability to record details of the chain associated with a sale.
  • Added the ability to upload a copy of the quote provided by a supplier/contractor for a maintenance job, and email it to the landlord for approval.  An approval email which doesn’t require the quote document itself is also now available.
  • Added audit information to printout of emails/SMS messages within the correspondence history
  • Added a “Re-send” button onto previously sent emails and SMS messages to allow the original message to be re-sent to the recipient.
  • We have added an option to default the “Include items organised by selected staff” tick-box in the branch and personal diary pages.  As a consequence, inspections being performed by 3rd parties will now show in the branch diary by default.
  • Have excluded inactive properties from searches within the diary by default.
  • Added new “Latitude” and “Longitude” documentation tags for properties – which, for example, can be used by maps embedded within brochures where the precise location of a property has been manually amended.
  • Added a new option to force property key references to be unique (this is disabled by default).
  • It is now possible to add company document attachments to emails sent out to suppliers.
  • Added the ability to record up to three guarantors for a tenant
  • Added the ability to record next of kin details for a tenant
  • Added a link onto the landlord statement pages to provide and email out a consolidated statement across a range of existing, settled statements
  • Have added a “Dashboard Note” field onto the property details page to allow a prominent note to be displayed on the dashboard/landing page for a property.
  • Added an option for property licences to be required on all properties, not just HMOs – useful in areas running a selective licence scheme for example
  • Have added a status filter onto the Inspections Due alert, which allows reporting to be run off the alert for completed/cancelled inspections.
  • Added an option to Numbered Signatures lettings doc tag to not output the guarantors section
  • Added notes onto all of the property management expiry alerts, and the right-to-rent alert
  • Add logic into property expiry date doc tags to pick up dates from parent building in case of HMO rooms (relevant when using the advanced HMO set-up option).
  • Email attachments at an HMO room should also pick up parent building’s uploaded documents
  • eSigning against an HMO room should also allow parent building’s documents to be issued
  • Include postcode in maintenance job search and display postcode in central search results
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