10th September 2018

[Release 3.42] The changes included in this release were:

  • Added support for multiple invoice templates (under “Templates” -> “Other” -> “Lettings Management Templates”), with the option to set a system-wide default and override this on a property-by-property basis for tenants. This allows different invoice templates for commercial tenants, for example.
  • Added ability to record the VAT number for a landlord – and display this and other landlord details in commercial invoices.
  • Added option to mark a sales property as not requiring an EPC (along with a reason) – such properties will no longer show in the “Sales EPCs Missing” alert.
  • Added option for the automated diary reminders job to use the email address of the staff attendee as the "from" address
  • New “Overallocated Rent” alert – this shows any rent periods where the amount received from the tenant exceeds the rent due for that period.
  • New option to set the status of tenant(s) to Inactive when set status of letting to Inactive
  • Added support for a second virtual tour link on the marketing details page for properties
  • New advanced option on lettings, “Show Rent Net Of Mgmt Fee in Landlord Statements” – this only applies to guaranteed rent lettings, but if ticked, landlord statements will just show a single rent line, net of the management fee.  This could be useful in simple, single-tenant guaranteed rent scenarios, where the management fee effectively models the profit being made between the rent the tenant is paying vs the guaranteed rent being paid to the landlord.
  • Added solicitor details and filters to the “Sales In Progress” alert and “Sales” report; also added Instruction Date onto Sales report
  • Added sales fee VAT and Total onto Sales Report (export version)
  • New option to enable the Quick Links to run across all branches in the case of multi-branch systems
  • Added new document tags for deposit protection scheme contact details
  • New letting tag to output the rent schedule
  • Rollout new DPS Prescribed Info template into letting documents
  • Should not be able to apply a new rent adjustment date to an already paid-up rent period
  • Put property totals onto portal export page
  • Updated the system mail server to use SendGrid (https://sendgrid.com/), for improved stability and deliverability
  • Added HMO licence type and associated notes field
  • Add "Address" to side search on contact role index pages
  • Add configuration option to order doc tags alphabetically
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