6th April 2020

[Release 3.58] The changes included in this release were: 

  • Added a holding deposit field against properties and lettings – plus a link to auto-calculate it based on one week’s rent.  Related documentation tags added too.
  • Added a new "Supplier Invoice Mark-up not Drawndown" alert to identify mark-up on supplier invoices that you have received and that is eligible to be transferred from your client account to your office/business account.  Also added the “Supplier Invoice Mark-up Drawndown” to allow you to report on any mark-up drawndown for any date range.  The alert will flag-up any mark-up from when you first started using the system – so you might need to do a dummy drawdown of this historic mark-up to clear it off the alert, if it has already been transferred over.
  • Rolled out new versions of the Section 8 and 21 notices, using the latest versions issued by the Government
  • Added “Current Board Report” – showing all of your boards, based on the latest completed board order at each property
  • Added support for ad-hoc payments from landlords of expenses/fees – just click the “Mark as paid” button on the expense/fee to record the payment from the landlord
  • Added a new inspection mode where the system will auto-generate the next inspection n months after the latest one, when you mark the latest inspection as “Inspected” (instead of creating the full inspection schedule in advance). 
  • Include landlord address in lettings export file
  • Add guarantor address to tenants export on letting list page
  • Add ability to override email subject for viewing/valuation emails
  • Flag up in red when over-allocating tenant receipt
  • Add ability to upload photos against meter readings – and updated the Check-in/out Reports to include these.
  • Added inspection groupings (e.g. for different priorities, regions etc) – the groups can be defined under Admin -> System Data, and then set on a per property/letting basis.  This allows different inspection schedules to be set per grouping, and also for pending inspections to be grouped in the alert.
  • Added documentation tags for Ground Rent and Maintenance Charge
  • Add auto-attach company document option to diary emails
  • Add timestamp to indicate that a landlord statement has already been emailed out to the landlord
  • Should be able to delete a document version if it has been sent out
  • Add help text placeholders under the additional info field on property details page
  • Add Task Owner tag
  • Updated website analytics pages in-line with Google API changes
  • Setting buyer on sale details page should change buyer status to "Found" so they are removed from marketing alert emails
  • Add a hover over/title to display full property address when hover over short address on property dashboard page
  • Add support for higher resolution property photos – for example, to be used with the Visual theme.
  • Added a "Notify Landlord" maintenance job template – to inform the landlord of an issue at the property
  • Add option to search for NI Number on receipts import page
  • Retain the deposit protection scheme in use regardless of where deposit held/managed
  • Exclude suspended staff from staff drop-downs in diary
  • Expand Deposits Not Lodged alert to include deposits to be passed to landlord
  • Need a tag to output the list of applicants who have viewed a property.  Also added a tag to output viewings booked in for the next week or tomorrow.
  • Added a "Finance Status Notes" box for buyers, and "Chain Status Notes".
  • Add expense category onto supplier invoices report
  • Add Print / Export buttons onto Open Valuations alert
  • Added owner and property status to Key Log report
  • Add Forwarding Address tag for the additional tenants under Letting Tags
  • Add doc tag for Property - Viewing Arrangements
  • New Deposit Tag to output table of all deposits on a letting
  • Need page selector for checkboxes on Lettings list page
  • Add VAT amount to supplier invoices report
  • HMRC ROFL Updates
  • Include HMO licence type and notes fields in property export
  • Order bank accounts alphabetically in drop-downs
  • Add Is HMO filter to lettings page - to include/exclude HMO tenancies
  • Add a new tenant receipt allocation mode for rent first, then deposit/fees/expenses, for tenant demands with same due date.
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