Posting Property Details to Twitter, Facebook & Instagram

Once configured you can then post property details to twitter and facebook via the Marketing Alerts side menu item available from any property that is on the market.

Pick the type of message you want to post, eg New Property, click the Tweet or Facebook button and you will be taken to a confirmation screen showing the editable message details.  Submitting this will post the details to Twitter, Facebook or Instagram respectively.


Twitter will allow you to post up to four images along with your tweet.  If you don't select any images then it will display your link as a preview pane with details taken from that page.

Facebook will allow you to post as many images as you with along with your message.  Again if you don't select any images the post will show as a link instead with preview details taken from the linked web page.

Finally, Instagram currently only allows you to post one image from the system.  If / when they relax this restriction we will update the feed to support multiple images.

Finally, clicking on the small twitter and facebook icons at the top of the page on your site takes you to the respective public pages to see the results.


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