Property Links on Thirdparty Websites

When the system sends out marketing emails it will, where possible, try to include a direct link to the property in question on your public website. 

If you have a 10ninety website, the system obviously knows the exact link to use.  However if you have a third party website powered by a data feed from your 10ninety system then this is not automatically the case.

Depending on how your third party website has been developed there are two options:

1.  Manually entering the property link

The default option is simply to update a field on each property to record what the direct web address is. 

You can find this under the marketing details page against the property – Link on website: 


Please note, if you are manually entering the URL against each property you need to be slightly careful about the timing when putting a property on the market, namely:

  1. Put the property on the market, but don’t send out the applicant matches straight away
  2. Instead wait for the property to appear on the website and copy the direct url, eg
  3. Paste that into the field above
  4. Then send out the marketing alerts via the ‘Marketing Alerts’ side menu

 The emails will then contain a direct link to the property.

Re point (2) you can run an export straight away via the Marketing tab at the top which will republish the data.  It is then worth checking with your website provider how frequently they process the feed to pick up any new properties / updates.

2.  Auto calculate the property link

Following a recent update, depending on how the website has been developed we may be able to auto calculate the property link to use.  With this option you can still always manually override the URL if needs be on a property by property basis as per the above.

This is normally the case if you are using PropertyHive or if your developer has followed a standard url naming pattern for the proprety links (eg

Please contact us if you would like to investigate this second option and we will try to configure your system accordingly.


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