23rd September 2019

[Release 3.53] The changes included in this release were: 

  • Add an option to Tenant Statement Type 3 to show receipts payments, not the underlying allocation of receipts
  • Add an option to order tasks by most recent first (default is oldest at the top)
  • Add support for user-friendly display names on emails sent from system – by default, the user’s name will be displayed, but this can be overridden on a per user basis, plus there is an option to have a system-wide display name.
  • Add maintenance job priority onto supplier invoices report
  • Display notes from the Terminating Tenancies and Rent Overdue alerts at the end of the letting details page
  • Add order by staff option to the Maintenance Outstanding alert
  • Add option to allow landlord statements to be ordered by property ref instead of address1
  • Add "Staff owner" to supplier invoices report where linked to a single maintenance job at a property
  • Add warning onto "put on market" page if property status is "Let" (or "Sold" etc)
  • Add help text for prompts under valuation notes box and offer notes box
  • Add Print/Export buttons onto to the property management expiry alerts
  • Add lead staff onto the Fees Analysis report export
  • Add tenant lettings mgmt details tag set to lettings offer templates
  • Add ability to change settled date on landlord statements
  • Add option to exclude VAT column in invoices
  • Email button hidden in some alerts due to lack of space
  • Put filter on Rent Overdue alert to filter on/exclude guaranteed rent lettings
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