12th March 2018

[Release 3.39] The changes included in this release were:

  • Added the ability to create recurring diary items
  • Added an appointment sub-type in the diary, for common types of appointment (e.g. move-ins).  The list of sub-types is customisable under Admin -> System Data.
  • Add a “Pass Tenant Payment To Landlord “ flag onto tenant expenses to indicate if the payment from the tenant should then be passed onto landlord
  • Display the landlord’s bank account details when marking a landlord statement as settled
  • Added the ability to include the property address in supplier invoice remittance templates
  • Added configuration option to default the branch diary to show appointments from all branches in a multi-branch set-up
  • Add ability to upload photos against basic inspection reports
  • Added the option to search on the Notes field in buyer/tenant/vendor/landlord list pages
  • Added a letting tag for the staff member carrying out the next inspection at a property
  • Added Negotiator and Commission to Rent Analysis report export, viewable only to managers
  • Added Right-to-Rent evidence drop-down and notes fields – the list of evidence types is customisable under Admin -> System Data
  • Added the ability to email/SMS suppliers from their page in the system – the list of templates available is customisable under Templates -> Letters & Emails -> To Supplier.
  • Added an Audit Trail page to suppliers and solicitors
  • Extended the Numbered Tenant Details Table tag to include all management information about the tenant (e.g. university details, guarantor, employer etc)
  • Added a configuration option to order templates alphabetically, as opposed to by the order they are added
  • Added the ability to create an invoice all of fees/expenses in a landlord statement and auto-attach it to the statement email sent out
  • Missing the periodic rent review date tag
  • Added “Email/SMS Tenants” buttons on the list of lettings at a property, to allow users to bulk email/SMS all tenants in the building
  • Added “Email Landlords/Tenants” buttons on the central Lettings list page, to allow users to bulk email the landlords/tenants of all/selected lettings
  • Enable spelling corrections in the letter/email/document editors
  • Added missing delete link on generated letter versions
  • Inspection office notes missing from the diary printout
  • Add Office Notes to maintenance jobs alert export
  • Upgraded the Zoopla and OnTheMarket data feeds to use their new real-time feeds instead of the batch feeds.  This change went live in January 2018.
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