10th December 2016

[Release 3.33] The changes included in this release were:

  • Roll-out of new Help Centre, available via the blue Help link in the top right-hand corner of every page.  This includes useful training articles, videos, FAQs and a quick search.
  • Improved performance of the searches in the system to search upon a pause in typing.
  • Fixed an issue introduced in the previous release whereby carried forward transactions were displaying in landlord statements.  They did not impact the overall balance, but did make the statements confusing to read.
  • Ordered the Rent Held report by letting reference.
  • Added support for second viewings - a new tickbox on viewings to indicate if the viewing is a second viewing.  The entry in the diary shows this in the display title.
  • Added "Tourist" to the list of available employment options for tenants.
  • Expanded the list of sales progression events, and improved date displays.
  • Fixed an issue with the Tenant Account printout which was preventing it from downloaded in 
  • The CC all tenants option on emails should only send to those tenants currently active within the tenancy, not those that have moved out or yet to move in.
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