Finding matching properties for an applicant

In order to match tenant or buyer applicants with properties that you have on the market you need to have a property search set-up for them.

At the point of adding a new tenant or buyer you enter their search criteria here at the bottom of the form.

However, if you did not fill in their search criteria at this point then you can set-up their property search separately from the Property Searches link in the menu on the right, or from their dashboard and the Add link on the Searches widget.

1. Enter their search criteria here and remember to tick the subscribe to emails and subscribe to sms boxes if you want to be able to email them property details or send them via sms.

2. If you select areas on their search criteria then bear in mind that the system will only match against properties that have been assigned to these areas.

3. Once you are happy with the criteria entered click on the Add button to save the property search. The system will then run the search and display the results.

Note: The system only matches the search against properties that you have on the market. Properties with a status of under offer or under valuation are excluded from the search results.

Emailing or printing matching properties

- To email the results to the applicant, tick the box at the top right of the list to select all of the properties and then click on the email link. This will then send an email to the applicant.

- To print the list of results, again, select all of the properties and then click on the print link to display a PDF that you can then print out.

You can add a viewing against any of the properties directly from this list by clicking on the add viewing button. Fill in the details as required and then click on the add button to save the viewing. The viewing will then be visible in the diary and also via the viewings link in the right menu, or viewings widget on the applicant's dashboard

If the applicant has said they are not interested in a particular property and you would like it to be excluded from print outs or future emails of the results you send, then you can click on the ignore property icon on the right of each property match.

To save a property to the favourites of the applicant click on the mark as favourite icon on the right of each match. The property will then be listed on the saved properties page for the applicant.

If you need to edit the criteria of the search then you can do so via the Edit link at the top of the search page, and you can have multiple searches set up for an applicant. To add a new search click on the add new property search link at the top right of the page.

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