HMO properties

To indicate that a property is an HMO, tick the "Is HMO" tickbox on the property details page.  There are then a couple of options on how the HMO is used within the system.

Basic HMO set-up

The simplest option having indicated that a property is an HMO is to create a letting per room at the property.  When you go to add a tenancy at the property, you will also have to specify which room it applies to:

This means there will be multiple lettings active at the property at the same time. 

When you need to market rooms at the property as being available, you do so through the single property, with the rent on the property set as the room level rent (an indicative rent if the rooms rent out at different rates).  The room availability can be specified manually in the marketing description for the property.

Advanced HMO set-up

With this approach, you can set-up a "child" property entry in the system for each room at the property. Each room "property" will then be linked to the parent building, and tenancies created against the rooms.

The advantage of this approach is that you can market the rooms individually, with their own set of photos and description, with the correct rent per room.  If there are, for example, three rooms available, you could have three listings.  It is also possible to market the parent building on your website, with a grid of availability for the child rooms.

Additionally, this provides the option of logging maintenance issues and expenses on a per room basis, or on the building level.

This set-up is not available by default - if you are interested in using this approach, please contact 10ninety Support and we will enable it in your system.


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