The Alerts dashboard identifies actions or issues that potentially need following up on - for example, the "Rent Overdue" alert will identify tenants who are late with their rent.  You will probably find yourself checking this page on a daily basis.

The alerts, displayed by branch, can be found in a few places:

  • The main Alerts dashboard page is under “Home” -> “Alerts”
  • On the homepage there is an Alerts widget
  • For a single letting, there is an alerts widget on the letting’s dashboard page, flagging issues just relating to this tenancy

Types of alert

Alerts are grouped into the following four categories:

  1. Marketing & Sales Alerts: relating to any potential marketing issues (e.g. Viewings Awaiting Feedback) or sales activity (e.g. Sales in Progress)
  2. Lettings Management Alerts: flagging issues related to tenancies (e.g. late rent, tenancies about to finish, etc)
  3. Property Management Alerts: any property management reminders (e.g. gas safety certificates about to expire)
  4. General Alerts: for example, outstanding tasks, checklists not yet completed

To get a breakdown of the issues identified in each alert, click on the number at the end of the relevant alert:

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