17th October 2016

[Release 3.32] The changes included in this release were:

  • Updated diary view to show the attendees of each appointment in the summary, so you don’t need to hover over the entries to see them
  • Provide a warning when deleting a tenant receipt that has already been included in a landlord statement – i.e. that deleting the receipt will create a reversal in next statement
  • Only show active lettings by default in the letting list page
  • Provided support for Right To Rent checks (for more information, see: https://www.gov.uk/check-tenant-right-to-rent-documents):
    • Added the following fields onto tenants (under “Lettings Management Details” side-menu): a) Has Right to Rent flag b) Date Checked c) Checked By d) Expiry Date
    • Added a new flag onto lettings properties to indicate who is responsible for making the “Right To Rent” checks – Agent, Landlord, Other
    • Added a new alert “Tenants Without Right To Rent”, to identify tenants who have not yet been checked for the right to rent, do not have the right to rent, or their right to rent expires in 2 months, for active tenancies that started on or after February 1st, 2016
  • Updated the display of landlord statements to aggregate multiple transactions for the same fee or expense into a single transaction.  Also by default statements will no longer show items for £0.
  • Added the “Sales EPCs Missing” alert to highlight any sales properties that do not have an EPC document or graph.
  • Added the “Rent Analysis” report which, for any date range, shows the rent due from tenants, the rent received from tenants, and the rent paid out to landlords.
  • Updated the letting email attachments pop-up to also allow property-level documents to be emailed out from the context of a letting email.
  • Added a new customisable category option to misc. bank payments that can be recorded against any bank account in the system.  The category has also been included in the bank reconciliation filters.
  • Added “Rent Review Date” field for periodic lettings, and associated “Periodic Tenancies With Rent Review Due” alert.
  • Add diary item email tags for the day of the week for the appointment
  • Show tenant receipt allocations in the audit trail entry for the receipt
  • Include links to deleted properties and contacts in audit trail entries, so they can be re-instated if required
  • Fixed an issue introduced in the previous release that prevented tasks from being deleted
  • Key checkout - order supplier names alphabetically
  • Checklist auto-complete logic should take into account heading items
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