Right-to-rent checks

For all tenancies starting after February 1st, 2016, all landlords in England must check that new adult tenants have the right to rent before starting the new tenancy.  For further details, see here.

The system allows you to keep track of who is responsible for performing these checks for each property (either the landlord, yourselves, or a 3rd party), together with which tenants have not been checked to date, or don't have the right to rent.


To record who is responsible for performing the right-to-rent checks on new tenants at a property, set the field on "Right To Rent Check Responsibility" field on the property details form:

Recording tenant checks

To record the results of the right-to-rent checks against a new tenant:

  1. Click through to the tenant in question
  2. Click on the "Lettings Management Details" side-menu link
  3. Enters details of the checks in the Right to Rent section:
  4. If there is no time limit on the tenant's right to rent, leave the "Expiry Date" field empty. 

 Any scanned documents relating to the right to rent checks made for this tenant can be uploaded against the tenant's file in the system, using the "Documents" side-menu.

Tenants without right to rent

The "Tenants Without Right to Rent" alert highlights any tenants in active tenancies who either do not have the right to rent, do have the right to rent but it is expiring soon, or haven't yet been checked for the right to rent. 


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