Creating the tenancy agreement

Once the details have been set-up for a letting, and all tenants added, the tenancy agreement can be generated. The system will use the standard template (which can be edited), and replace tags with the details specific to this letting:

  1. From the letting, click the “Documents” side-menu.
  2. Click the “Generate” button against the required tenancy agreement template.
  3. Check the preview or edit the content if required, and click “Generate” to create the document.
  4. The generated document PDF can then be printed or emailed.

Making changes to a tenancy agreement

If you need to add any special clauses to a particular tenancy agreement, these should be done via the "Tenancy Agreement Special Clause" field at the end of the letting details page.

If you need to make changes to any other parts of the tenancy agreement, this can be done by clicking the "Edit" link underneath the "Generate" button.  If you had previously made changes to the document and want to pick up those previous changes, click the "Use Previous Version" link on the editor window:



Important Note

The tenancy agreement templates that come with the system are sample templates only - we strongly advise that you review them before using them, and add/amend/remove clauses as required.  


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