Paying landlords

Once rent has been received from the tenant, it needs to be paid to the landlord, less any management fees (commission) and any maintenance costs (expenses).  This is done via the landlord statement process:

  • Generating a landlord statement
    • this identifies any rent due to the landlord and generates the associated management fees (commission) 
    • it also identifies any deposits due to be passed to the landlord (if the landlord is responsible for lodging the deposit with a protection scheme)
    • it identifies any other unsettled transactions up to the statement date - for expenses and other fees
    • all transactions are then locked so they cannot be altered within that statement - editing the originating transaction in any way will create a delta transaction that will be picked up in the subsequent statement
    • a net figure due to (or due from) the landlord is calculated as the statement balance, taking into account any brought forward balance from the previous statement, if applicable
    • the statement is left "pending settlement"
  • Settling a landlord statement
    • having generated the landlord statement, the landlord needs to be paid
    • the system doesn't directly connect to your agency bank account to do this, so you will need to logon to your online banking to pay the landlord, using the net figure due to the landlord in the statement balance
    • having paid the landlord, mark the statement as "settled"

Identifying landlords who should be paid

From the alerts page, use the “Rent Due to Landlord” alert to see those landlords who need to be paid. This shows any landlords who have rent or deposits owed to them.

Generating a landlord statement

Having identified a landlord as needing to be paid, the next step is to generate a statement for that landlord. The steps below outline how to generate a landlord statement:

  1. Statements can be generated from the following locations in the system:
    • From the “Landlord Statements” side-menu link against the landlord or letting: Click “Generate Next Statement”.
    • From the “Rent Due To Landlord” alert: Click “Generate All Statements” to bulk generate statements for all landlords due to be paid, or click “Generate Statement” against an individual landlord.
  2. Select the statement date (defaults to today). Only unsettled transactions up to and including the statement date will be included.
  3. Review the transactions to be included in the statement(s) and click “Confirm” to create the statement.
  4. The generated statement(s) can be viewed, printed (from the statement PDF) or emailed to the landlord.

Identifying landlord statements to be paid (settled)

From the alerts page, use the “Landlord Statements Due To Be Settled” alert to see those landlord statements that have not yet been marked as paid.

Settling a landlord statement

Once you have paid the landlord, based on the balance in the statement, you need to mark the statement a settled (paid) in the system:

  1. Statements can be marked as settled from the following locations in the system:
    • From the “Landlord Statements” side-menu link against the landlord or letting: Click on the statement that is pending settlement, and then click the “Mark As Settled” link.
    • From the “Landlord Statements Due To Be Settled” alert: Click “Settle All Statements” to bulk settle all of the unsettled statements listed, or click “Settle” against an individual statement.
  2. Record any additional payment details (for example, the client bank account from which payment was made) and click “Settle”. Note, this process does not itself initiate any payment from the selected bank account to the landlord - it simply records the payment in the system.

Statements with a negative balance

If a generated landlord statement has a negative balance, that means that the landlord owes you money, rather than you needing to pay the landlord.  In this case, when you settle the statement, you can either:

  • Carry the negative balance forward to the next statement - simply mark the statement as settled with no payment received from the landlord
  • Receive partial payment from the landlord - enter the amount received from the landlord, and the remaining balance will be carried forward to the next statement
  • Receive full payment from the landlord - enter the full amount received from the landlord






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