Tracking late rent

You can keep track of your tenants who have fallen into arrears by using the "Rent Overdue" alert:

  1. Click onto the "Home" page
  2. Click into the "Alerts" sub-menu
  3. Under the "Lettings Management Alerts", click through to the "Rent Overdue" alert. This lists all tenants who are late with their rent - ordered by the number of days overdue they are.
  4. Click onto the total overdue for a tenant to see a breakdown of which rent periods they are late on, and by how much.
  5. For each tenant, you can then send a reminder email, SMS or letter chasing for their late rent.  
  6. You can also record payment of that rent, via the "Add Receipt" button.

Late rent reminders

You can send a late rent reminder to tenants who have fallen into arrears via the "Rent Overdue" alert, as explained above.  The reminders can be sent by email, SMS (text) or printed letter.  

The severity of reminder depends on how late the tenant is:

  • Low severity reminder - for rent that is up to 2 weeks late
  • Medium severity reminder - for rent that is between 2 and 3 weeks late
  • High severity reminder - for rent that is over 3 weeks late

The wording of these reminders can be changed via under the "Templates" section: click on "Templates" -> "Other" -> "Lettings Management Templates" -> "Alerts".

The system can also send out email and SMS late rent reminders automatically on your behalf - please contact 10ninety Support for more details.

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