Keys and security codes

The system provides the ability to keep track of the keys that you have in the office for all of your properties, and who they have been checked-out to.  The relevant keys and security codes will also be included in the appointment details for any viewings, inspections etc managed through the system diary.

To register the keys for a property

  1. Go to the property in question
  2. Click on the "Keys & Security Codes" side-menu
  3. Click "Add" in the keys section
  4. Enter the unique reference that you have in the office for the key - e.g. key hook number, key fob number
  5. Enter any further details - e.g. whether the key is the front door key, garage door, etc
  6. Click the "Add" button to save it down

To checkout a key

  1. Click "Checkout" against the key
  2. Specify who the key is being checked out to - either a member of staff, or a supplier (keys provided to tenants for the duration of a tenancy at the property should be managed in the "Tenant Keys" section on the main Letting Details page for the tenancy).

Key Log

To view the status of all of your keys across all properties - e.g. to see which keys are checked out and to whom - you can run the "Key Log" report under "Home" -> "Reports".

Security codes

These can be logged on the same page as the keys, to record alarm codes etc at the property.




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