Checklists allow you to create a standard set of steps for common workflows or processes – for example, a “Move-in Checklist” for a letting could be used to track all of the standard steps involved in setting up a tenancy and moving the tenants in.

Checklists can be created against lettings, properties or contacts (vendors, buyers, landlord or tenants).
Any checklists that have not been completed yet can be seen under the “Checklists Not Completed” alert.

Checklist Templates

To create your standard checklist templates:

  1. Click on “Templates” -> “Checklists”
  2. Click on the section of the system where the checklist should be available – e.g. “Letting” for letting-related checklists
  3. Click the “Add” button and enter the name of this checklist template
  4. Enter checklist items and re-order them as necessary. Headings can be entered by ticking the “Is Heading” tick box when adding a new entry in the checklist

Creating a checklist

Against any given letting, property or contact, you can create a new checklist as follows:

  1. Click on the “Checklists” side menu
  2. Click “Add”
  3. Select from one of the standard checklist templates available in this context, or leave the template field blank to start a new empty checklist
  4. As and when items in the checklist are completed, click on the grey tick against that item – it will turn green to indicate that the step is finished. Once all items have been completed, the status of the overall checklist will automatically be updated to Completed (alternatively, the checklist can be manually changed to Completed by clicking “Edit Details”).
  5. Click Edit against a checklist item to change the details or add notes. Click the red cross to delete any step that is not required. New items can also be added, and all items can be re-ordered as required.

Printing out a checklist

At the top of each checklist, there is a Print button so you can print off a paper copy if required.

Checklists Not Completed alert

Use this alert to keep track of any checklists that haven't yet been completed.

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