Setting up multiple branches

The 10ninety system is a multi-branch system, that allows:

  • One or more branches
  • Staff to have a working “home” branch, but also access to other branches if permitted
  • Staff can be restricted to one branch only if required, meaning they can only view/edit data for that one branch
  • Ability to share contact details across branches if required
  • Property listings by branch

Please contact 10ninety if you are interested in expanding your system to have multiple branches.

Home Branch

For multi-branch set ups, each member of staff is assigned a “home branch”, which is the branch that they are currently working at.  By default, the system will only display data for your home branch (for example, the diary will only show items for your home branch; the property lists will only contain properties listed at your home branch).

However, if you have access to other branches, you will always have the option to expand the listings to show data from those additional branches.


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