Managing gas safety certificates

The system can keep track of the gas safety certificates at your rental properties, and alert you when they are about to expire, so that you can arrange for them to be renewed.

Where to store gas safety details for a property

The gas safety certificate expiry details are stored on the main property details page for a property, in the "Lettings Management" section:


 As well as indicating when the certificate expires, you can also indicate who is responsible for renewing it (yourselves - the agent; the landlord, or a 3rd-party supplier).

Gas Certificates Due alert

The property management alert, "Gas Certificates Due", flags up any properties where the gas safety certificate is missing, expired in the last 180 days, or due to expire in the next 30 days.  

By default, the alert only highlights certificates at your managed properties - i.e. those properties where the Letting Service is "Fully Managed" or "Managed No Rent Collection" on the property details page (or where no letting service is set on the property).  You can extend the alert to cover all of your properties by changing the filter on the right-hand side of the page.  Additionally, the default setting for this alert can also be changed to cover all properties - please contact 10ninety Support for more details.

Other property management checks

The system has similar alerts for:

  • PAT test expiry date
  • Electricity certificate expiry date
  • EPC expiry date
  • Insurance expiry date
  • Legionella risk assessment date
  • Smoke & CO alarm expiry date 

Expiry Dates Report

The "Utility Expiry Dates" report can be run to find all expiry dates above, for all rental properties. 


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