Recording office expenses

You can use the system to keep track of all of your office/business expenses.  You do this by logging a supplier invoice, with associated office expense, for each of your costs.  You can either do this against each genuine supplier/contractor, or set-up a general catch-all "Office Expenses" supplier entry.

To record an office expense:

  1. Click "Add Invoice" against the supplier in question
  2. Enter details of the invoice - the date, description and amount
  3. In the Expenses section on the form, select "Office Expense" as the type - this invoice will therefore not be added to a landlord or tenant account, but rather show as one of your own running costs:


Reporting on your office expenses

You can run off a report of all of your office expenses for a given date range, using the "Expenses Analysis" report.  Filter the expense types by "Office Expense" only:


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