Recording maintenance jobs

Maintenance workflow

The standard workflow regarding a maintenance job is as follows:

  1. Tenants raises a maintenance issue, or routine work is to be carried out at the property.  ACTION: record a maintenance job in the system against this property (see “Adding a maintenance job” below)
  2. Select and instruct a supplier/contractor to carry out the work.  ACTION: edit the job and select the supplier, adding access details as required. Once the job updates are saved, Email or Print the job sheet for the supplier.
  3. Once the job is completed, the supplier/contractor invoices for the work done.  ACTION: go back to the maintenance job and mark it as completed. Record the invoice details by clicking the “Add” link beside the Supplier Invoice field on the job:

    See “Recording supplier invoices” for more details on how to record an invoice. By clicking to add the invoice from the maintenance job, all property and job details on the invoice form will be pre-populated. The invoice details and associated property expense will be created in the system.
  4. The supplier is paid for the work carried out.  ACTION: Mark the supplier invoice recorded above as paid by clicking onto the invoice and clicking the “Mark as Paid” button.
  5. The cost of the work is re-covered from the landlord.  ACTION: Generate the next landlord statement and the expense will be deducted from the landlord’s rental income (or covered by the landlord’s float, if one has been set-up for this landlord).

Adding a maintenance job

To record a maintenance issue or job against a property:

  1. The maintenance list for a property can be accessed from two places:
    • From the property: click on the “Maintenance” side-menu link
    • From a letting at the property: click on “Property Maintenance” link in the “Quick Links” section in the side-menu
  2. Click “Add Item”
  3. Enter a description of the issue/job
  4. Select the type of maintenance item: either “Reported Issue” for a problem raised by a tenant, or “Routine Maintenance Task” for planned work
  5. Fill in additional details as required, including which supplier you plan to assign the work to (if known). Only fields marked with * are mandatory.
  6. Click “Add” to save down the maintenance item.

Maintenance job actions

Additional actions that can be performed are:

  • Select the supplier to assign the job to
  • Print or email out the supplier job sheet
  • Add the job to the branch diary if a member of staff needs to attend
  • Record the invoice received from the supplier for this job 
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