Recording an inventory

The system allows you to record an inventory for each tenancy, and subsequently make regular inspections of the property.  A Check-in and Check-out Report can be generated based on the initial inventory and it's condition on check-out.

An inventory can be recorded against any letting as follows:

  1. Click on the “Inventory” side-menu link against the letting.
  2. Enter details of when the inventory was taken and by whom. If the “Use Previous Inventory” is ticked, the system will copy the last inventory recorded at this property, saving you from having to re-enter all the details again.  The copied inventory for this letting can then be edited as required. Click “Next” to start recording the inventory.
  3. The inventory is structured room-by-room, so the first step is to create a room. Select the room type in the “Add Room” form at the bottom of the page and click the “Add” button to create the room:
  4. Record items for that room using the “Add Item” form. The item can be a standard item from the drop-down list, or type in the item name manually. Optionally add a description of the item, its condition at the time of recording the inventory and any comments. Click “Add” to save down the item record:
  5. Photos can be recorded against each item using the “Add Photo” button.
  6. Continue by adding further items to the room, and by adding further rooms.
  7. The rooms, and items within a room, can be re-ordered as required by clicking the “Re-order Rooms” and “Re-order Items” links respectively. Drag-and-drop the rooms/items into the correct order and click “Save”.
  8. A PDF report of the inventory can be printed off by clicking the “Print” button at the top of the inventory page. Click “Email” to email the report to the landlord or tenant.

Using a tablet/smart-phone

The system can be used over a tablet device (e.g. iPad) or smart-phone, so it is possible to record the inventory on the system whilst actually walking round the lettings property. Photos can also be uploaded from the mobile devices.


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