Monitoring rent due from tenants

Rent Alerts

Rent due from tenants can be monitored in the alerts:

  • All alerts are available under the “Home” -> “Alerts” menu item. Rent-related alerts are found under the “Lettings Financials Alerts” group.
  • There is also an alerts widget on the homepage dashboard.
  • Alerts specific to an individual letting can be found on the dashboard for that letting.

From whichever alert page above:

  • Use the 'Rent Due' alert to monitor rent due from tenants in next two weeks.
  • Use the 'Rent Overdue' alert to monitor rent that is now overdue and has not been paid.

Rent due reminders

Rent reminder emails can be sent from either alert by clicking the “Reminder” button. For overdue rent, reminders of different severity can be sent, depending on how long the rent has been overdue.

Rent Analysis report

The Rent Analysis report can also be used to track rent due, rent received from tenants and rent paid to landlords over any given date range.

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