How to add a commercial property

The properties and contacts section of the system has two modes - residential and commercial.  By default, the residential side will display, but if you need to add a commercial property, you can switch to the commercial side.

To switch to the commercial side of the system:

  1. Find the green context label in the right-hand side of the blue menu bar at the top of the system
  2. Click the down arrow beside the current context - that will reveal "Residential" or "Commercial".
  3. Click "Commercial" to switch to the commercial side of the system.

Note 1: the landlord or vendor needs to be registered as a commercial landlord/vendor prior to adding a commercial property for them.  To do this, edit the contact in question and tick the commercial property category for them.

Note 2: not all of the website templates support commercial properties by default.  Please contact the support team to check that yours does.

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