Navigating around the system

System functionality is grouped in menus at the top of the screen appropriate to a major system function. For example, clicking on the “Sales” menu will allow you to manage Sales properties, Vendors and Buyers. Likewise, clicking on the “Lettings” menu will provide sub-menus to manage Lettings properties, Landlords, Tenants and Lettings.

More detailed functions are then available in the side menu – for example, once you have selected a property to work on, the side menu will be displayed allowing you to change the property details, manage photos and floor plans, create letters, and so on.

The following top-level menus are available, covering:

  • Home: Main dashboard, personal and branch diaries, address book of all public contacts, system alerts, reports and finance functions
  • Sales: Sales properties, vendors, buyers and solicitors
  • Lettings: Lettings properties, landlords, tenants, suppliers and lettings (tenancies)
  • Marketing: Portal set-up, websites, social media and board management
  • Admin: Company details, general settings and system data
  • Templates: All master letter, email and document templates. Checklist templates.
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