Brochures and Window Cards

We have a number of brochure and window card templates on the system which you can choose from. You can view these from the Brochures & Window Cards page in the Property Menu on the right when looking at a particular property.

The Active Brochure is the template that is assigned to that property and is sent to portals, displayed on your website and also when you click on the Brochure link on the property dashboard. The Active Window Card is the template used when you click on the Window Card link on the property dashboard.

The system has a configuration setting for the default template to use for the Active Brochure and Window Card - if you would like us to change this then please contact us at If you would like to override either active template just for a particular property then you can do from the Brochures & Window Cards page and clicking on the Change link next to the appropriate active template.

Uploading your own brochure

If you have your own brochure for a property and would prefer to use this as the active brochure instead of the one generated by the system then you can upload it against the property via the Uploaded Brochures section of the property's Brochures & Window Cards page. Click on the Add link on the right of this heading, and you can then navigate for the file (the brochure needs to be in PDF format) and enter an optional heading and description for the file (these details are not visible to the public). Click on Save to upload the brochure. 

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