How to add staff users on to the system

To add staff members on to the system so that they have their own login details etc, you will need to be logged on as a Manager level user. First of all click on the Admin tab at the top of the system and then the Staff link in the Company Menu on the right.

This will then display a list of existing staff users on the system. Click on the Add link at the top of the list to add a new user. You can then enter the details of the new user, and will first of all have to enter a unique username for them, e.g. their first name or first name and initial of their surname. The username is not case-sensitive.

Access Level Field

This field allows you to specify what level of access the user has to the system. Here is an explanation of the options:

Guest: can access all of the system (apart from the Templates tab) but can only view data, they cannot add or edit any data.

Trainee: can access all of the system (apart from the Templates tab) and can edit contacts and properties but cannot add new data to the system, or delete data.

Staff: can access all of the system, including the Templates tab, where they can edit existing templates but cannot add new templates. They can also edit their own staff user details but cannot add or edit other staff users.

Manager: has full access to the system.

Branch access

If your system is set-up with multiple branches, you can specify which branches the member of staff has access to - either a single branch, multiple selected branches or all branches.  Users will only be able to see data from branches they have access to.  Users with multi-branch access can then specify which branch is their "home" branch by clicking on their username in the top right of any page.  The home branch is then the default branch for all lists, the diary and correspondence.

Saving the new user

Once you have filled in all of the new user's details click on the Add button to save the new user. The system will then generate a password for the user and send it to the email address that you have entered in the Personal Email field. When the new user logs in for the first time they will be asked to change the system generated password for one of their choice. Their new password must be at least 6 characters in length.

Resetting a password

If you need to reset the password for one of your members of staff, click on their staff account in the list, and click on the "Reset Password" side-menu link.  The system will generate a new random password for the user and email it to them.



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