Bulk emailing contacts

You can bulk email your landlords, vendors etc through the system via the corresponding list pages.

For example, if you want to email all of your landlords:

  1. Click on the "Lettings" tab at the top of the page
  2. Click on the "Landlord" sub-menu
  3. Select which landlords you want to email - either select all in the list/page using the check-boxes at the top of the list, or selecting them individually
  4. Click the "Email" link at the to-right of the landlords table
  5. Update the content of the email as required (or click through to the template link to edit the master template first)
  6. Click the "Send" button 

Note - the maximum number of emails you can send in one go is 250.  If you have significantly more contacts to email than this, or would like tracking on the emails to see how many recipients opened them, then we recommend that you use a 3rd-party email marketing service, such as MailChimp.

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