Adding your bank accounts to the system

Agents most typically have a client cash bank account and an office bank account, and you can set the details of these up in your system. This allows you to specify against which account a transaction occurs - for example when you enter a tenant receipt the system will default the selected bank account to your Client Account, and when added a transaction for the receipt is created.

These transactions are then all visible on the Bank Reconciliation screen, allowing you to reconcile the transactions on the system with your own accounts. Misc payments can also be added to the account from the Bank Reconciliation screen for transactions that have been made outside of the system, allowing you to keep the accounts in sync on the system.

How to add your bank accounts

To add your bank accounts to the system, click on the Home tab at the top of the screen, then Finance in the blue sub-menu strip and then Bank Accounts in the menu on the right. Click Add to add a new account, entering the details and specifying what type of account it is. Press the Add button to save the account in the system.

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