We have partnered with Signable to provide eSigning capabilities from within your 10ninety system saving you time and money printing and posting documents that require signatures.

Once setup you are able to generate documents from within your 10ninety system with the required eSignature tags embedded and send them out for signing via email.  You will receive updates as the signatories receive, open and sign the document and once complete, the digitally signed document will be stored back in your 10ninety system automatically.

To get started please contact us via and let us know that you would like to sign up for eSigning. We will work with you to configure your system with Signable and setup your documents for eSigning.  There is an additional £10+VAT pcm charge for this service which covers up to 20 signed documents per month (you can buy additional credits for £5+VAT pcm per 20 thereafter).  Any unused credits roll over automatically to the next month and you can also top up at any time directly via the system.

 The following articles cover how the process works once setup:  

How to send a document for eSigning

How to configure a document for eSigning




Can I still sign documents in person?

Yes, you can still benefit from using eSignature even if you wish to sign documents in the presence of the person.  There will receive an email with a link to sign the document on their smartphone (or computer or tablet) which you can then guide them through.  They will receive an email containing the final signed document and it will still be automatically stored back in your 10ninety system.

How can I generate a document without the tags in?

In some cases you may wish to generate and print the document for signing in the old fashioned way.  You will notice if you print the document there will be strange text where the signatures would normally go, something like "{+++signature:signer1:Please+Sign+Here+++}".  To generate the document for printing without these simply edit the document and click the new fountain pen signature  icon in the top right.  Toggling this will swap these tags in and out. So click to remove:

and click again to reinstate:


Can I add my logo to the signing pages via Signable?

If your logo is available on 10ninety (under Admin > Company) this will be configured within Signable when the account is setup.  If you have only recently added it please forward to and we can configure it for you.


Are eSignatures legal?

In a word, yes!

In July 2016, The Law Society of England and Wales moved to clarify the legal position of electronic signature and have endorsed their use.

The move followed the implementation of the European-wide Regulation (EU) N°910/2014 on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the internal market (otherwise known as eIDAS Regulation) on 1st July 2016 which establishes “that a qualified electronic signature shall have the equivalent legal effect of a handwritten signature.”

Signable complies with electronic signature regulations established by The eIDAS Regulation, and enacted by member states within the EU, which confirms the legal status of electronic signatures.

You can find out more on this below:


What if I need more than 20 credits each month?

Just let us know how many credits a month you require (minimum £10+VAT for 20; additional credits are £5+VAT pcm per 20 thereafter).  Any unused credits roll over to the next month automatically.  You can also do a one off top up of credits at any point directly on the system via Admin > Settings > Signable Settings - simply select how many additional credits you need.

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