25th September 2017

[Release 3.37] The changes included in this release were:

  • Added the ability to upload a profile photo against tenants, landlords, buyers and vendors – hover over the photo placeholder on the contact’s dashboard page and click “Add Photo”
  • Support for multi-photo upload within the inventory
  • Added an option to include the float balance in landlord statements whenever landlord has a float, regardless of whether drawn down from it in the statement
  • Added the ability to search by payment ref in cashbook report
  • Added the ability to upload photos against maintenance issues – they will then automatically be included at the end of the job sheet
  • Add ability to attach company documents (e.g. Right To Rent Guide) automatically to emails via the email’s template – on the master email template in question, scroll down to the end of the page and add default attachment(s)
  • Put “Is Reconciled” flag on tenant receipts page
  • Add flag to Unallocated receipts alert to show those that have been excluded from alert
  • Rolled out new Section 8 notice
  • Updated gas safety certificates supplier reminder/request email (on alert) to include tenant tags
  • Include lettings property tags in inspection report templates
  • Added a possession date letting tag - for day after end of letting
  • Include bank account details in supplier invoices report – to indicate from which account the invoice was paid
  • Show fee and expense invoice numbers on reports
  • Default the bank account when settling letting-level landlord statements to the nominated client acct on letting, if set
  • Added an option to name the letting fee as "Renewal Fee" on renewals
  • Added the ability to override the rent description on a property/letting basis
  • Include deposit ID in export of Deposit Analysis report
  • Add more advanced search / filters to supplier list – so can search by supplier type
  • Make the date sort order configurable on maintenance alert
  • Add a viewing arrangements field on property – this will then show to staff when managing viewings at the property
  • Add a follow-up date onto valuations and the corresponding alert
  • Add new "Viewings To Follow-up" alert, with a new follow-up date field on viewings.  Clear viewings from the alert by marking them as “Closed”.
  • Modal edits from viewings alerts – so can manage the viewing from the alert without being taken off the page
  • Include applicant tags in viewing feedback printout
  • On current tenant balances report, add option to include Inactive lettings, and allow expired date range to be much longer
  • Added warning on letting dashboard and tenant account page if anything owing on previous letting to a renewal
  • Allow notes to be recorded against rent demands
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