18th February 2017

[Release 3.34] The changes included in this release were:

  • As part of this release, we have launched our new “Automations Pack”, designed to save you time by allowing the system to automatically perform various tasks for you.  Please see our pricing page for subscription information, and contact us if you are interested in having this enabled in your system:
    • Rent Invoicing – this automated job will generate commercial/residential rent invoices in advance, and email them out to your tenants
    • Rent Reminders – this job will sent out rent reminders to any of your tenants who are late paying their rent
    • Diary Reminders – this job will send out email/SMS reminders for viewings, valuations and appointments
    • Weekly Property Matches – this job will send out a weekly email to your applicants of any new property listings that they might be interested in
  • Updated bank reconciliation screen to allow the report to run across all branches, in multi-branch systems.
  • Added shortcuts to the Gas Certificates due alert:
    • To create a maintenance job for the gas safety check
    • To email the landlord or responsible contractor about the check being due; to email out the job sheet; to notify the tenant of the check being carried out
  • When manually updating the allocation for tenant receipts, display the amount yet to be allocated
  • Added the Landlord Statements report to show all statements generated/settled for any given date range, with the option to bulk email out those statements.
  • Added the Landlord Floats report, showing the balance on all floats currently held on account for landlords, as of any date.
  • Updated the Terminating Tenancies alert to show re-lets as well as renewals.
  • Added support for VAT on commercial rents.
  • Updated tenant account page to show links to the invoice for each item in the account.
  • Added a landlord filter on Rent Held report
  • Updated the Expense Analysis report to allowing filtering by property reference and postcode
  • Updated the letting dashboard page to include guarantor details – under the tenant’s details, if a guarantor has been provided
  • Added a new board order type of “Repair”
  • Added an “Export Tenants” button onto the lettings list page, allowing details of all tenants in your active tenancies to be exported into a spreadsheet
  • Updated the tenant account printout to optionally include any notes logged against the tenant receipts
  • Exclude overseas properties by default from the Sales EPCs Missing alert – they can be included by ticking the option in the search filter
  • Extra fields added to the export/print versions of the Viewings report, for applicant details, property owner, and feedback
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