Finding matching applicants for a property

Once you have added a new property and brought it onto the market, you can search for matching applicants by clicking on the applicant search link in the sale or lettings menu on the right.

A list of matching applicants will then be displayed, based on the search criteria that is set up for each. Only applicants with a status of 'Looking' and that have an active property search that has not expired will be matched.

If the property has been saved to the applicant's favourites then the star icon will be displayed on the left against the applicant, and if the applicant has previously been emailed the property then the email icon will be highlighted.

To email the property's details to all of the applicants tick the 'All' box at the top right of the list. If you have more than one page of applicants then this will select them across all pages  - if you just want to select the current page then you can do so by ticking the 'Page' box. You can then de-select the applicants as you need to.

Then click on the email link at the top right and you will be shown a preview of the email that will be sent. Click on the Send button to send the emails.

To print a list of the applicants, select them as required and then click on the print link at the top right of the list. This will create a PDF which you can then print.

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